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If you’re having trouble finding health insurance, TWFG Landeche Insurance agency can help. We can do this even if you are self-employed, have missed the open enrollment period, or are struggling to find a policy that you can afford.

When the average hospital visit costs $10,700 and an ambulance ride costs $700 on average, health insurance is an absolute necessity. You can get coverage, and working with an independent agent like me gives you an advantage as you try to do so, simply because we work with so many companies.

Individual Health Insurance

This is a policy very similar to the one you might have had with an employer in the past. The difference is that your employer had a group policy, which means they get favorable rates. They may have also covered a portion of your insurance costs.

When you buy an individual policy you’ll be covering yourself, and perhaps members of your family. You might choose a high deductible with a health savings account option to keep costs low. 

You’ll have copays for doctor’s visits and prescription medication. You will also have a deductible that you’ll have to meet before insurance will start covering certain hospital visits or types of care. 

There are many ways these policies can be structured, and in some cases paying close attention to that structure can save you thousands of dollars. 

While you can purchase this type of insurance on the exchange, an individual agent can help you save a lot of money. This is because we can sort through the complex landscape of the insurance marketplace vs. your individual needs, and can serve as an advocate for you in the event that you have a dispute with your insurance company. Click for more information on Individual Health Insurance. 

Short Term Health Insurance

If you’ve been caught without a policy outside of the open enrollment period, don’t have a qualifying life event, or just need to tide yourself over for a few months while you look for a new job, then short-term health insurance is the right option for you.

Short term policies are very much stop-gap measures. They won’t cover pre-existing conditions. Some policies won’t cover preventative care. 

These policies are mostly meant to cover hospital visits if something happens while you’re waiting to purchase a more permanent plan. Click for more information on Short Term Health Insurance. 

Travel Health Insurance

Everyone hopes trips will go smoothly, but unexpected events occur, especially when you’re leaving the country. There are various types of coverage to cover various issues, and not all of them are health related.

However, given that most domestic health policies won’t cover procedures in a hospital overseas, these policies remain a great idea for the health coverage alone. Click for more information on Travel Insurance. 

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Health Insurance

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