Top 4 Ways That Pet Insurance Can Save You Money

When it comes to loving your furry, hairy, feathery, or scaly friends, you can’t go wrong with investing in pet insurance.  Not only will this type of insurance help you save money on veterinary expenses, but it also helps ensure that your pet will receive the medical care it deserves.  Here’s a closer look at the four top benefits you’ll enjoy when buying pet insurance.

1) You don’t have to stay within a certain network.

When you buy a regular health insurance policy for yourself, you’re usually limited to the physicians that you can visit.  With pet insurance, however, there is no network for you to stay in.  This means you can use your insurance at your favorite vet’s office you’ve been going to for the last 20 years.  Being able to choose your pet’s care provider allows you to rest assured that your best friend is in good hands.  After you receive a bill from your vet, simply turn it in to your pet insurance provider, and they will compensate any covered charges.

2) It makes budgeting pet care costs a cinch.

How are you ever supposed to create a budget for your pet if you don’t have insurance?  The truth is you can’t.  You never know when your furry little friend might accidentally get hurt.  When incidents like this happen, you’ll have to pay the accompanying medical costs, which can easily total more than $1,000.  With pet insurance, though, you don’t have to fret about paying for emergency medical expenses.

3) It can provide the funds you need.

When was the last time your pet needed a vaccine shot, but you didn’t have the money to cover it?  Or how about a broken bone that you didn’t have the money to pay for the surgery?  Paying for your pet’s daily and emergency medical expenses can be quite costly. If you don’t have the funds to pay for it, your pet may have to go without the care he or she needs.  However, pet insurance will cover the funds you need to pay for your pet’s medical expenses.  Gone are the days of having to scrounge around and come up with the money yourself.  By paying affordable premiums throughout the year, your pet’s insurance will cover the large expenses for you.

4) You can avoid dipping into your own emergency fund.

There’s no sense in dipping into your own emergency funds to pay for your pet’s medical expenses.  This is why this type of insurance is so important.  You can keep your own emergency fund account as it should be, while resting assured that your pet insurance provider will take care of your pet’s emergency fund account.

The Takeaway

Pet insurance is available in many different forms.  The cheapest insurance policies usually cover basic medical expenses, such as yearly vaccines and shots, while more expensive, yet affordable, policies will cover accidents, loss, and more. Today is the day for you to give your pet the love it deserves, and it all starts with buying pet insurance.

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