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At TWFG Landeche Insurance agency we offer a broad range of products meant to help you manage all the risks in your life. Here is a rundown of all the insurance types we offer, and a little information about how each policy can help you protect yourself against life’s little uncertainties. 

Health Insurance

Can’t get health insurance through an employer? Frustrated by your attempts to find it on the exchange?

TWFG Landeche Insurance is well aware that you value your health. Whether you are covering your whole family or just yourself, you need an insurance agent to personalize the policy to your specific needs.

 We work with multiple companies, allowing us to help you find the best deal for your unique situation.

Short Term Health

Need to cover a gap or a lapse in coverage? Short-term health insurance is the answer. This coverage is meant to tide you over until you are able to roll in a permanent policy. It’s great for people who missed open enrollment, or for people whose COBRA coverage has ended but who expect to secure other coverage soon.

It can be pricy if you try to find it on your own without an agent. With our help you can save a significant sum of money while remaining covered.

Travel Health Insurance

Your normal health insurance plan won’t necessarily cover you when you leave the country. Travel health insurance ensures you can access medical care from anywhere in the world.

If you’re doing extreme adventure travel, it might just save your life and  finances. For example, certain policies can cover things like getting a remote emergency airlift from a hard-to-reach place.

Dental Insurance

Dental care is only getting more expensive. Fortunately, dental insurance is incredibly reasonable when you work with the right insurance provider. We can help you obtain a lot of coverage for just a little bit of money. 

Vision Insurance

Get coverage for everything from routine checkups to laser eye surgery. Vision can change over time, so vision insurance is a great idea even if you’ve had 20/20 vision all your life. Remember, glasses are expensive without it!

Home Insurance

Your home is your biggest investment. It’s also the place that protects your family. Protect your home in turn with the right insurance policy.

Without home insurance it only takes one of our local severe storms to create a problem you can’t afford to fix. We can help protect you from fire and theft loss, too. Yet we also know you don’t want to pay too much for home insurance. We can help you find the right solution.

Flood Insurance

A necessity for homeowners in South Louisiana. Your homeowners policy won’t cover you in the event of a flood, and flooding is all too common.

This form of insurance can be expensive, so take advantage of our ability to get you the best price and coverage.  Water damage can ruin your home…make sure someone’s ready to help you restore it. 

Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance covers the dwelling or building that you are renting out to tenants.  This policy can cover some contents that belong to the landlord.  A landlord policy also covers liability  to protect you if tenants or visitors get hurt and decide to sue you.

Mobile Home Insurance

You can get just as much coverage for your mobile home as you can for a traditional home, as long as you have a policy specifically designed to provide top-notch mobile home coverage.

With the right policy you can even get coverage for your personal belongings. Ask us to find the right mobile home policy for you.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance typically costs less every month than a typical pizza night, but you’ll be glad you have it if you need it. Your landlords policy doesn’t cover your personal belongings. 

Car Insurance

If you own a car, then you need Louisiana car insurance. That’s just a fact of life. It’s required by law. Furthermore, even if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t want to be without it anyway. Car insurance protects you and your assets in the event that you’re found at-fault for a car accident.

Bussiness Owner Policy 

Designed primarily for small to medium sized companies, a business owner policy is a combination policy that handles two types of coverage. The first is property insurance, and the second is liability insurance.

Term Life Insurance

Make sure your loved ones can afford funeral expenses. Provide a replacement for lost income.  Term life insurance policies are the  most basic kind of policy, but they provide you with everything you’ll need to protect your family. You can choose almost any term, allowing you to cover your most likely lifespan.

Whole Life Insurance 

Whole life insurance lasts for your entire lifetime, and gives you a policy that accumulates cash value. It offers all the same benefits as a term policy while offering an additional way to save and build wealth. We’ll help you ensure your policy truly meets your needs. 

Universal Life Insurance

Like whole life insurance, universal life lasts until you die. It provides a little more flexibility as you can adjust your premium and death benefits, as well as your cash value contributions. This allows you to shift your premiums if necessary.

Choosing the right universal life policy can be complex, but we can help.

Pet Insurance

When your pet gets sick you face heart wrenching choices. Often, it’s simply not financially feasible for families to pursue the best medical care for their pets. Yet pets are a member of the family.

Pet insurance helps you end this dilemma by giving your pets a medical policy that’s just for them.


The coverage you need at the price you can afford.

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