Welcome to Landeche Insurance Agency!

Let’s face it – insurance can be complicated. We can make it simple.

Do not worry about making useless calls, surfing the internet, and asking people around about the best rates and services on your Insurance. Landeche Insurance Agency is your one-stop shop for health, property, life, and pet insurance. We help you find the best insurance policy for your family, property, and your pet. In this world of uncertainties do not leave any of them unprotected. At Landeche Insurance, we are committed to protecting you and your most valuable assets.

You deserve the best. With Landeche Insurance Agency, that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and Landeche Insurance Agency making sure you get the best rates and protection on your Insurance policy. We are an insurance company that puts your needs first. We are fully-independent, which means we work for you and not the insurance companies. Working proudly in Louisiana for the past decade, it has been our number one priority to offer you the very best personalized services in homeowner, landlord insurance, mobile home insurance, flood, health, short term healthpet, travel, and life insurance, as well as annuitiesWe’ve been proudly providing these services in Louisiana for over a decade.

Why Landeche Insurance?

The best thing about Landeche Insurance Agency is our customer-oriented team, which is committed to serving you 24/7/365. Our dedication towards the people of New Orleans drives us to service all who contact us by visiting our office, calling us or by inquiring online. We are here to break all the clichés about insurance agencies where they do not return your calls, put you on hold for too long, fail to find the best coverage as they are involved with insurance companies, and all other things that force customers to think they are not valued. At Landeche Insurance Agency, YOU are our No.1 Priority!

We act as your advocates when you are making a claim. You tell us the details, and we will get you what you rightly deserve.

Our connections and relationships with the top Insurance companies help us in finding for YOU the best deals. WE WORK FOR YOU, and you can trust us to find you a policy that fits all your needs. You can count on our knowledgeable independent agents to give you the professional advice you need for the value you deserve. If you don’t understand any part of your policy, we will gladly explain it in terms that makes understanding Insurance simpler.


Licensed to sell insurance in Louisiana.  Our license number is 464486 and 539362. Feel free to check with the Louisiana Department of Insurance. 800-259-5300 or Website: www.ldi.la.gov


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