Worrying about Providing for Your Family?

Many professional employees think their employers will cover them in all possible circumstances, even disability claims. However, this is not always true. Often people find out too late that their employers have reduced some coverage areas, and they no longer have all the coverage they thought they always had. Your family has enjoyed the security you provide. If you get sick or injured, make sure they’ll receive the same excellent care.

A quick and honest discussion with a qualified insurance agent will reveal exactly what coverage you have, and what coverage you should have. If you become disabled, the best way to insure your family’s lifestyle is to find additional private disability insurance. Trying to cover all your bases on your own could add up to costly mistakes. We service the insurance needs of the local people in Metairie and surrounding New Orleans areas because we give the right answers and facts, with accurate comparisons between available private insurance providers.

Questions TWFG Landeche Insurance can help you answer:

  • Is the policy guaranteed noncancelable up to age 65 years old or retirement?
  • Do cheaper-priced policies have limited benefit terms? (Cancelable after five or ten years). Do they cover accidents only or include a stroke and other illnesses?
  • Which provider will offer a cost-of-living rider, to protect and seal benefits packages even during inflation?
  • Which policy has the best growth options in accordance with increased income?

Don’t let myths about Disability Insurance fool you:

 Forbes Magazine released an article last year with a study of the Social Security Administration System. This study showed 85 percent of families have to cut back or completely stop certain lifestyle priorities like retirement savings or plans for the future, medical, dental or vision care, as well as any extras their families enjoyed. While disability insurance might not be at the top of the list of these priorities, it really should be.

 Many employees believe they will never need disability coverage, but statistics prove otherwise. For example, did you know that one in four 20-year-old workers will become disabled before they reach their 60s because of illness or injury? The same study from Forbes Magazine showed from 2009-2012, 41 percent of disabled recipients were below 50 years old, and one-third of these were younger than forty! Also, nearly 90 percent of long-term disability work loss is for illness, NOT accidents, and less than five percent of accidents are work-related. These are alarming facts, but what is even more alarming is that the Social Security Administration will only cover 60 percent of the injured or sick worker’s income. Will that kind of coverage take care of your family?

Don’t assume that you can rely on Social Security or worker’s compensation to take care of you and your family in your time of need.