What You Need to Know about Flood Insurance Coverage

As important as water is to us, it can cause terrible problems too. Flooding causes millions of dollars in damage a year. What many homeowners do not realize is that their regular home insurance does not cover flood damage and loss. Flood insurance is a different kind of insurance coverage. While flood zones are often clearly mapped out, they don’t always match what Nature considers a flood zone. The Mississippi River often redefines zones, for instance. Weather from hurricanes and severe summer thunderstorms are a regular part of Louisiana weather. Homeowners need to make sure that they have flood insurance coverage they can depend on. Sometimes Nature is big, like Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Sometimes it’s only a street flood that pours water and mud into your living room.

Flood insurance

With the help of our insurance agents, homeowners can determine whether or not their property exists in a Special Flood Hazard Area. Even if they are not in an official flood zone, homeowners should seriously consider flood insurance coverage in Louisiana.  Because your home is not in a flood zone does not mean it will not flood. History has demonstrated time and again that Louisiana can experience serious flooding. The entire nation remembers the many devastating floods in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Homeowners in the area need to be prepared. Renters can also purchase flood insurance to protect themselves from permanent losses of property.

What Can You Do?

Seriously consider flood insurance. In some areas of Jefferson Parish, flood insurance is required in order to get a mortgage on a property; on the other hand, some areas of Louisiana might not have that requirement.  Our agents can help you determine whether your property is located within official flood zone areas. We can then discuss what levels of coverage are available for you, either as a home owner or a renter.

Another step you can take to protect your property is to make a detailed list of your belongings. The better prepared you are, the less risk of damage you can have to your home or business.

New Orleans were built below sea level. When the levees broke in 2005 they could not hold the high water of Lake Pontchartrain. Since New Orleans is below sea level the city filled up like a bowl.  Even if your property is not situated in an official Special Flood Hazard Area, you might still be in danger of serious flooding. Don’t underestimate your risk. We can help you be prepared.

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