What Happens When You Can’t Afford Health Insurance?

If you cannot afford major medical insurance because you cannot get a government subsidy, talk to us today. Together we can come up with the right insurance plan. Medical bills are the biggest cause of bankruptcies in the United States.  Having no health insurance should not be a choice. Most people want health insurance but can’t afford it under the Affordable Care Act.

   Affordable Alternative to Obamacare(ACA)

We can sell this product year-round, so there’s no waiting for open enrollment. It’s great for people that can’t get help paying for coverage.

insurance plan 

Health Choice Select

 Everybody loves choices, because making the right one can help you save money. That’s why Health Choice Select is such a great option for many families. You can enjoy peace of mind as you select the benefits you need that fit your budget. This is by far one of the best Indemnity plans. This plan covers hospitals, outpatient services, lab work, preventive care and so much more.  Many clients that cannot afford major medical health insurance because of higher cost are looking for health insurance products that fit their needs.

Some of the advantages Health Choice Select can provide for you include:

  • Three annual maximum benefit amounts and three benefit options to choose from that fit your budget
  • Freedom to choose any doctor or hospital you prefer without penalty
  • Value-added benefits at no additional cost (see below)
  • Optional dental, accident, life, and critical illness plans

All of this, plus a $5,000,000 lifetime maximum coverage per policy, offers you options and coverage to protect you and your loved ones in your times of need.

Value-Added Benefits at No Additional Cost

In an effort to advocate for patients, Health Choice Select offers several benefits for policyholders to help save you money and boost your healthcare experience, all without additional cost to you. Some of those benefits include:

  • Teladoc – You have access to U.S. board-certified doctors anytime, anywhere, via phone or online video, helping you avoid expensive urgent care or ER visits.
  • Healthcare Navigator – Expert advisors can help you navigate through the confusing process of finding doctors and facilities and shopping around for the best prices for procedures and prescription drugs.
  • Karis Surgery Saver – Specialist “shoppers” who scan local and regional facilities to find the right place for non-emergency surgical procedures for the right price.
  • Karis Bill Negotiator – Knowledgeable consultants can help address the amount of money you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket, often resulting in you paying less!
  • ScriptSave Card – Additional savings on prescription drugs without additional cost to you.
  • PPO Network Discounts – You’ll also have access to a network of doctors, hospitals, labs, and health centers that can offer you additional savings while also giving you a choice.

Critical Illness Insurance Plan

Advancements in medical technology have taken amazing leaps over the past few decades. Illnesses that were once thought to be fatal are now experiencing increased survival rates. But that doesn’t take away the financial burden that those who suffer heart attacks and strokes or who are diagnosed with cancer will experience as they try to recover from one of those critical illnesses. That’s why it’s so important to have a critical illness insurance plan.

A critical illness insurance plan will provide a lump sum cash benefit directly to you when you suffer from or are diagnosed with a covered critical illness. How you use that money is up to you. You can use the money to pay for:

  • Deductibles, co-pays, prescriptions, or experimental treatments
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Your mortgage, loans, or credit card payments
  • Alterations to your home or car for special needs
  • Child or nursing care expenses
  • Your or your spouse’s lost wages while he or she cares for you

Accident Expense Insurance Plan

You might not be able to plan an accident, but you can have an insurance plan to cover your needs when an accident does happen. Accident expense insurance plans can pay the actual charges for medical treatment or a fixed amount for certain injuries in addition to any other insurance coverage the injured may have. Some of the benefits an accident expense insurance plan can cover include:

  • Accidental injury, including doctor’s fees, surgeries, x-rays, and emergency first-aid expenses
  • Accidental death in either amounts of $50,000 or $100,000
  • Ground or air ambulance transportation
  • Up to 30 days of hospitalization
  • Dismemberment

Plans are available for individuals, families with or without children, and children only. You may also decide to include an optional accident disability income benefit to help you pay your bills while you recover from your injury.



Health coverage exemptions:

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