Whole Life Policy

Most parents and grandparents are looking for ways to give every advantage possible to the children they love. Help them give the gift of a lifetime with a Whole Life Insurance Policy.

A whole life insurance policy has many features. The rates are low when the child is young, but as they get older, the costs go up. So the best time to get a whole life insurance police is when your children or grandchildren are between 1 and 18.

Whole Life Insurance features include:

  • Low premiums – Minimum face amounts for less than $25.00 a month.
  • Great payment plans – Continuous pay to age 65, 20 year pay, 10 year pay, or single pay
  • Small face amounts – $5,000 minimum face amount available.
  • Optional coverage increases – Up to $300,000 additional life insurance without underwriting.
  • Access to cash value – Guaranteed cash value that your children or grandchildren can use when they become adults.


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